3rd CEEC-China Health Ministers’ Meeting | 18-20 June 2017 | Budapest, Hungary

Promoting Health for All
18-19 June 2017

Event title: Promoting Health for All
Date of the event: 18-19 June 2017
Venue of the event: Budapest, Hungary
Working languages of the event: Hungarian, Chinese and English


The population growth, effects of civilization and the aging of the population pose a common challenge to the governments, the health care systems and the researchers all over the world in that sense that they operate an efficient, widely accessible, economically sustainable health system in order to maintain or promote health of the whole population. To achieve these aims the cooperation between the regions, countries and institutional systems, as well as the exchange of experiences are essential in the field of complex primary care, prevention and reduction of communicable diseases.

The worldwide spread of resistance to antibiotics and the appearance of new therapy-resistant pathogens present growing threats. Besides efforts made for the prevention of communicable diseases, the former disease-specific care must be replaced by preventive health care aiming at the preservation of health and the avoidance of chronic diseases. The connection of the thousand years old knowledge and the modern scientific know-hows play an important role in the development of efficiency and economical operation of health care systems. The application of modern management systems and the change of approach in basic care have extremely important role.

We are convinced that every single event which provides an opportunity for a wide exchange of experiences and of good practices helps to tackle the current challenges of the health care systems.

Promotng Health for All
2017 | 3rd CEEC-China Health Ministers’ Meeting | Budapest, Hungary